Alert : City of Rocky River Gas Outage Update


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There is a Dominion East Ohio Gas issue currently effecting 195 homes in Rocky River.   The following streets are impacted:

            Beachwood (south side of the street)

            Brook Lane

            Creek Lane

            Elmwood Court

            Elmwood Road (900 – 1400 addresses)

            Erie Road

            Eriewood Dr.

            Gatehouse Lane

            Homeland Dr.

            Whittlesay Lane

            Morewood Parkway (4 homes in the  214 block)

(Not every home on these streets is impacted.)


There is a gas main leak allowing water to enter the system.  Impacted homes have had gas service turned off and it will remain off until the Dominion repairs are complete.  The situation is under Dominion’s control and they have relayed to us that it is not a safety issue.  However, at this time there is no estimate as to when their repairs will be finished and there is not estimate as to when gas will be restored.


If your residence is impacted by the gas outage: the City of Rocky River’s Civic Center is open for residents involved with this situation.  If your residence is effected – please come to our Recreation / Civic Center that, as you know,  has a fitness center, an indoor pool, and Wii-Fi services.  Please present photo-identification (with address) at the front desk.


The City of Rocky River is working closely with Dominion and will  issue updates regarding  the restoration of service by the following notification systems:  Ready Notify, Nixle, Rocky River Police Facebook and the City’s website (rrcity.com).  Please contact City Hall at 440-331-0600 if your service is out: leave your name, address, cell phone number and email address. The City will stay in contact with all residents involved with the outage.  The City will assist Dominion in contacting residents when restoration begins – Dominion  personnel will need to access the interior of each home in the outage area to restore service.


If leaving your residence as temperatures are dropping, please see the attached checklist of items to consider before leaving your home.  Also, water lines and freezing lines are a serious concern; please follow these important guidelines regarding lines in your home during gas outage:


  • If gas is off at your home: run water faucets (at a drip) at the residence.
  • Open cabinet doors at every faucet if in a cabinet.


Be aware that that Dominion does not have an estimate, at this time, as to when the repairs will be completed.  Also, an increased Police presence will be made on the streets impacted by the gas outage.   Please do not hesitate to contact the City at 440-331-0600 with questions or concerns about temperatures at homes where gas is out..  Please watch for additional updates.

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