Alert : Extreme Weather Alert


In Preparation for Extreme Weather, Residents Are Encouraged to Not Place Refuse/Recycling Cans Out

Frigid, below 0° temperatures are predicted for Wednesday, January 30th and Thursday, January 31st. To protect the City’s Refuse and Recycling Division employees, the City of Lakewood is asking residents to consider not placing refuse or recycling bins out this week. If they are sufficiently empty, please wait until next week.


"It's hard on our guys. They're out there doing the best job they can to get the job done,” said Glen Bleich, manager of Refuse and Recycling Division in Lakewood. “We're asking residents if possible, that if you don't need to bring your carts out, please don't. We can get them next week."


With the extreme cold, the hydraulic lifts are prone to freezing. The equipment moves more slowly, and hoses are more easily ruptured. As a result, recycling and refuse crews are forced to manually empty the carts instead of using the hydraulics of the trucks. Extended time outside in negative degree weather puts the City’s employees in an unsafe scenario.


Residents that are able to wait one week for collection should not be concerned about having extra refuse for the next collection. Any extra bags or items on the tree lawn will be picked up.


Please share this information with your neighbors. For more information on the Division of Refuse and Recycling, please visit https://bit.ly/2S4xJvt or call (216) 252-4322.

Jan 28, 2019 at 02:45 PM