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Rocky River Construction Update



Detroit Road Paving 

  • The contractor will be working on Saturday, November 3rd on the western portion of Detroit in the eastbound lane’s construction zone to prepare the area for final paving. Two way traffic will be maintained using the center lane and westbound / curb lane. 
  • Paving is scheduled for Monday, November 5th, as weather allows, in the western portion of Detroit Road between the I-90 ramps and the Westlake corporation line. Paving will continue into Tuesday, November 6th,  to complete pavement at intersections if conditions allow. 
  • The east end of Detroit Road (from Lakeview to Wooster) has had final asphalt installed. Street markings have begun to be installed and will be completed as weather allows next week. This will include repairs to loop detectors that operate the signals. 
  • Work has been completed for grant funded sidewalk improvements at various intersections between Prospect and Wooster on both sides of the street. (Bump-outs on the south side of the street are complete and will continue to be installed on the north side of the street.). These pedestrian improvements are being funded by NOACA (Transportation for Livable Communities Initiative Implementation grant). The sidewalk ‘bump-outs’ extend into the road so that pedestrians have prominent visibility and a shorter distance across Detroit Road to cross. Please be aware that these sidewalk expansions have changed the road dimensions on Detroit east of Rockland Road – please use caution in the area. 
  • The ODOT / Detroit Road paving project includes Wooster Road paving in late spring, 2019 as weather allows. (Wooster Road will be paved next year from Center Ridge to the Heinen’s driveway.) 


Lakeview / Hampton Sewer Improvements 

Lakeview: The signal at Center Ridge and Lakeview is now cycling; however, traffic loops to initiate the cycle of the signal will be replaced and road markings will be replaced when the Hilliard road markings are completed – as weather allows. 

Hampton:  Road markings will also be replaced when Hilliard street makings can be completed and as weather allows.  Traffic loop system to actuate the signal at Hilliard will also be repaired when the street markings are complete. 


First Energy is trimming trees in the City. The First Energy contractors for tree trimming is Asplundh and Townsend.  During tree trimming large vehicles may be blocking the streets in neighborhoods  – please use caution while traveling around these vehicles.  If you have any questions or concerns about tree trimming – please contact City Hall at 440-331-0600 and we will have personnel from Asplundh or Townsend contact you.



Please continue to drive carefully and thank you for not parking in the roadway during construction.  There will be mats that protect the temporary water lines and valves and other devices that are included in the temporary water line system. 


You may request specific updates sent to you by email or phone message by calling Rocky River City Hall at 440-331-0600.  The specific updates regarding the project that you reference will have more detailed information than this update.  This construction update will give you general information.

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Saturday paving work on Detroit west of I-90 ramps is scheduled. Paving for that area on Mon & Tues as weather allows. Consider alternate route early next week.
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