Alert : Important Rocky River Weather-Related Advisory


Important Rocky River Weather-Related Advisory

A cold weather advisory with wind chill watch has been issued by the National Weather Service through today (Thursday, January 31st) – please read the following tips for weather related issues. 

Reminder: refuse will not be collected today due to dangerous weather conditions. Refuse that is regularly scheduled for Wednesday and Thursday will be collected on Friday (February 1st) this week.  Friday’s scheduled refuse will be collected on Saturday (February 2nd) this week.

On Saturday rain is forecasted which will make existing, icy conditions more dangerous. It will be difficult to access driveways with refuse equipment – especially if cars are parked on the drive.  If refuse can be safely moved to the tree lawn, it will be appreciated. 

  • The forecasted rain for this weekend may create standing water in the street. Single-digit temperatures this week have frozen catch basins which may constrict rain water from draining off streets.  Salt is ineffective in the bitter cold and will wash away in the rain.  Service personnel will be inspecting and opening catch basins as much as possible; however, please use caution when traveling this weekend. 
  • During cold temperatures please keep in mind these safety tips:
    • When using portable heaters: keep a 3’ distance from combustibles;
    • Do not use candles for emergency lighting – have a stock of batteries;
    • Never thaw frozen pips with an open flame or torch.
    • Keep cabinet doors open to circulate air around pipes.
    • During an increase in outdoor temperatures, pipes can experience issues, be aware of water shut-off locations in case there is a water supply issue during the weekend thaw.

On Thursday, the Rocky River Civic Center’s gym (9 AM to 5 PM) and indoor pool (noon to 4 PM) will be open.  The Senior Center is also open and the deli lunch will be operating (please check at the Senior Center for program / schedule cancellations and deli lunch details at 440-333-6660).

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Important Rocky River Weather-Related Advisory. Please see email or visit rrcity.com for complete information. Thank you.
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